Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great Place for a Nice Walk

We often walk at the Batiquitos lagoon, enjoying the great views of the ocean and the lagoon, tons of wildlife and shrubbery, and very well maintained.

This is a great birding area that has a lots of species year around. They are always fun to watch.

The Batiquitos Lagoon is home to many plants, birds, and fish. 

Wigeons are dabbling ducks, that is they feed on plants underwater by dabbling from the surface with their rear ends in the air. They spend their summers in the high arctic, interior Canada, and parts of the most northern parts of the United States. In the winter, they head down south with the majority of them taking the Pacific Flyway which passes through San Diego. One of the thing that distinguishes wigeons from other dabbling ducks is their short, goose-like bill that allows them to graze. They are unique among ducks of their type in that they eat almost exclusively plants. Females are said to eat more invertebrates while nesting, but otherwise they are known to eat nothing else but plants. They often eat at night and sleep offshore on the water or on rafts