Thursday, July 26, 2012

Andiamo! A walk around Bellagio...

This is Salita Serbelloni, taken from the very tippy-top of the stairs, in Bellagio.

The lovely little town of Bellagio sits out on a promontory in the middle of Lake Como therefore affording glorious views of the majestic mountains and Swiss Alps in the distance.

The town is small but full of charming; great restaurants and lovely passegiata going up and down steep stairways and narrow alleys.

Also, on Bellagio you will find  the gardens of 
Villa Melzi are just a short walk from the town center. You walk along the lakefront enjoying the views and then make your way into the gardens and the views become even more beautiful.  

The lush landscape is incredible. The grass is meticulously manicured and there are so many species of trees and flowers, you can look in any direction and see nature at its best. There are places along the way to sit down and just soak in the beauty.